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Quick User Start Guide

Hi there! Welcome to Awery Aviation Software! Awery ERP helps manage all your business data in order to properly employ and control resources as well as serve customers efficiently. All the required tools, reminders, templates and reports in one place integrating business and financial operations across various departments, covering the entire workflow and supplying a multifunctional platform for day-to-day business activities.This manual will explain essential system principles and make the on-boarding process faster. So let’s get started!   

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Table of contents

1. How to begin

Once you get your login and password, enter the System using the Login form.

 We will use our demo server to show you the fundamentals. To enter your system, you will need your Company’s link



                             Pic.1 Login form 

Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the ERP Home Page (displaying can be different depending on your System setup)


                                                                              Pic.2 Home Page


2. How to get in the Awery ERP interface

Here we will explain key features and give you some tips on how to switch between the modules and find the right items to get what you need.

Let’s divide the System interface in few blocks:

  • First block is Header

                                                                                                                                                           Pic.3 Header


Logo is also the Home-returning button. It will redirect you to the home page from anywhere.

Also it is the Search here. Type anything to this field and press Enter or click the Search button 

 and System will try to find it comparing all the information it has.

Chat: you can write to your colleagues from the System. Just open it by clicking on it, choose the user you need and drop him a line



Desktop/Mobile version switcher. First icon is the Desktop version, second is Mobile. Just hover over the icons and see the tooltips.

User Settings & Logout icon. Click on your login and see the Editing fields


Support Chat button. Click on it and the chat will pop up.

Then click on the ‘New message’ button and start your conversation with Awery Support Team


Once you click on the Documentation button a new page opens in your browser. This is where we store all the useful materials for you.

this is a list of Awery features. You can always find the most recent System updates here.

Awery logo  click it to open Awery web-site in a new tab. There you can find everything you need about Awery products and solutions.

  • Second block is the Menu

                                                                                                           Pic. 8 Menu             


Categories mode will display menu as sections  click on any of them to see the dropdown list of menu items:


Details mode will show all the menu items on the screen 


Menu & Dashboard will divide screen into two sections:


Here you can add widgets by clicking on ‘Add widget’ button:


Dashboard view mode is an empty space for widgets. It is convenient to add many widgets here


Personal menu is a fully personalized space. Every user can set it up himself and add menu items for easier everyday usage.
Just click on the ‘Edit menu’ button, tick the menu items you want to be on your personal menu and save.




3. Clear Cached Data


Displaying Log and versions. 

  • Version Updates after every System reload.
  • Log displays the list of downloads. Click the Clear Cache button and you will see the lists to be 

Clear Cache function  important info for ERP Dev users

Since we improve the System every day, sometimes it is necessary to update the different lists inside the product. New Aircraft types, Registration numbers, Airports, or sometimes even Countries. All the lists update after every System reload, but sometimes it can be modified during the user’s work hours. That’s when Clear Cache button is indispensable.  

When to use it: click this button every time when it seems like some drop-down list has not downloaded or displays wrong. The System lists will be updated and you will be able to go on with your work without any data losses.

4. Some extra features

Here are some extra tips on how to use the system:



Tabs moving

Drag and drop the tabs


Opened far too many tabs? Close it by two clicks: right click on the tab name, then click on “Close other tabs”.


To check the change history just click on the field and press CTRL+ALT+H

Example: AWB revenue item field history


System prevents you from opening several Creating Tabs (new flight, new AWB etc.) at once and redirects you to the opened tab once you click on the '+' button for the second time. But if you really need to open another one at the same time, press CTRL and click on the button again. It works from the inside of the pages, not from the Home Page.



And the last advice for now.

 If you have any difficulties with the system setup don't hesitate to contact us at

 We hope that Awery will make your work faster and easier.


    Always yours,

    Awery Support Team

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