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New/Edit Aircraft

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Please, make sure you have permission editAircraft

  • Click +New button and aircraft editor will be opened in the next tab

Complete Aircraft Data that contains four sections: Main Information, Parameters, Aircraft Options, Additional Options


Aircraft Data tab is available by default. 

Gallery,  Flights, Documents, Commercial Documents, Manuals, Maintenance, ACMI Rates tabs are not accessible before aircraft creating

Main Information

Aircraft type - mandatory field,select an appropriate type on the dropdown

Register No. - registration number, input field. The value should be unique. In case of duplicate, you will see the Error message

Type - contractor type

Operator - aircraft operator, mandatory field

Serial No.- unique identifier

Aircraft status - select corresponding status on the dropdown

Ownership - select an aircraft belongs to your own company or taken into use

Ex. register No - previous registration number

Customer/GSA- select operator-partner

Office -  office of the aircraft

Base - base airport

Registration country - country where aircraft registered

“Self operated” check-box - mark the company's own aircraft

“Ready to fly” check-box - in case of a tick aircraft will be available for selection when you create a new flight


The section is optional. Here you can fill in information about Refurbish year, Manufacture year, Fuel type, OPS regulations, Capacity, Payload, Payload Unit, etc

Aircraft Options

In the section you can specify the level of comfort on the board. Flight attendance, Smoking, Shower, Aircondition, Medivac equipment, etc. The section is optional

Additional Option

The section is optional. Here you can add notes and details about Aircraft owner, Crew information, Speed, Configuration, etc

  • After completing the required data, please click the Add button
  • After successful creation, you will be able to specify GSA(General Sales Agents) and the necessary maintenance(s)

Select item and click the Add button

Additional Options

After saving a new aircraft you will be able to Delete, Clone, Update data, Recalculate fix time by using the corresponding buttons

Gallery tab

You have an opportunity to upload pictures for a particular aircraft. The data is used when printing some reports, quotes

Flights tab

The tab shows all the flights that the selected plane has made. Functionality and permissions are the same as on Flights Database.

To learn more, follow the link  Flights Database

Documents tab

You can add the required documents for different countries, manage their validity period. 

List Description:

Document - document type

No - document number

Issued by - organization or person who issued the document

Country - issued country

Note - comments

Issued - the document issue date

Expires - the document expiry date

Valid - the validity documents are marked with a green tick icon

Left - how many days left for the document expiry date

F(files) - documents with attachments are marked with a paperclip icon


You can add a new document in the “Document setting” section

  • Click +New button and fill in the data

Type field is mandatory, other fields are optional

Click the Save button

  • When the document is already created, you will have an opportunity to add attachments
    • Select the required document and tool for upload files will appear

    • Use Drag & Drop or Browse elements to upload the file(s). Tick the file to manage it:

    • You can resize the file by the Edit button
    • To download or open the file, click
    • To send a mail with attachments click
    • To delete, click

Also, you can switch quickly to Aircraft Documents Types and add missing types

Awery system allows you to Clone the document. Tick the required document, click Clone and click Save

To delete an out of date document, select it on the list and click

and confirm the action

Commercial documents

You can add the required commercial documents for different countries and customers, manage their validity period, attach files

List description:

Name - commercial document name

Contractor - contractor name

No - document number

Type - document type


Issued by - organization or person who issued the document

Is.Count.(issued country) - issued country

Issued - the issue date

Expires - the expiry date

Valid - validity documents are marked with a green tick icon, documents with “Set expired”

parameter are marked with a red cross icon

Left - the column displays how many days left to the expiry date. In case, the document has “Don`t calculate left  days”

parameter - N/A value is shown

F (files) - documents with attachments are marked with a paperclip icon


  • To add a new document, click +New button and fill in the data in the “Commercial document settings” section

Type, Doc Number and Contractor name are mandatory fields, other fields are optional

  • Click Save

Other options

Clone, Upload file(s) and Delete options are same as on the Document tab

Manuals tab

You can specify manuals for a particular aircraft, where they are placed, check date.

List description:

Name - manual type

Added by - person who placed the manual

Date added - manual placed date

Check date - manual checked date

Notes - comments


  • To add a new manual use the New button

Fill in the information in the “Manuals settings” section. Manual type is mandatory field, other fields are optional

  • Click Save
  • You have an opportunity to upload file(s) to the system. Process the same as on the Documents and Commercial documents tabs

Also, you can move quickly to Manuals Types settings and add missing types

Maintenance tab

You can add information about the maintenance, specify reasons, manage statuses

List Description:

Maintenance type - aircraft maintenance type

Caused by - reason of the maintenance

Status - maintenance status

Airport - the airport where the maintenance is provided

Vendor - customer of the maintenance

Duration - timing of the maintenance

Start date / End date

Overall cycles - total number of take-offs and landings

Overall Hours - total working hours

Next due hour - planned working time on the next flight

Next due cycles - number of take-offs and landings  on the next flight

Next due date - planned date of the next flight


  • To add a new maintenance, use + New button and fill in the data in the “Maintenance settings” section

Maintenance type, From-To dates are mandatory data, other fields are optional

Note! When you specify From date you can click “Use typical duration” button and To date will be calculated automatically

  •  Click Save
  • To delete the maintenance, select it and click Delete
Sorting and Filtering

You can filter items by:

  • Maintenance type
  • From/To date
  • Causes
  • Vendor
  • Airport

You can select one or several parameter(s) and click Search

To reset the previously selected filters use the Clear button  


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