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Aircraft Database

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Aircraft Database allows you to view general information about aircraft, add new items to the system, edit them and delete outdated data. 

List Description:

  • Reg.No - registration number of the aircraft
  • Aircraft type - type of the aircraft
  • Grouping - group does the plane belong to
  • Type - type of the aircraft transfers: CommJ, VIP, Cargo,
  • Category - category of the aircraft
  • Status - aircraft status
  • Operator - operator of the aircraft
  • GSA - operator-partner of the aircraft
  • Office - aircraft office
  • Country of Registration - country of registration the aircraft
  • Base - basic airport
  • A - ready to fly aircrafts are marked by a green checkmark
  • S - self operated aircrafts are marked by a green checkmark
  • Seats -  number of seats
  • Payload - available payload
  • YOM - Year of Manufacture
  • YOR -Year of Last Refurbishment
  • D.1, D.2, D.3 - days left to expiry aircraft documents. Cells are colored depending on days left value:
  • days left < 90 - green yellow
  • days left < 60 - yellow
  • days left < 30 - orange 
  • days left < 7 - red
  • days left < 1 - purple


  • You have an opportunity to add a new Aircraft to the system by clicking +New button

  • Also, you have an opportunity to delete an outdated aircraft 

Select the required item and the Delete button will be active

  • By double click an aircraft details will be open in the next line and you will be able to edit the data

Sorting and filters

Flexible filters allow you to search for items in a convenient way.

You can use filters separately or combine them with each other.

Specify parameter in selector BY and input value in "Define by" field

Other available parameters are class,, office, operator, Customer/GSA

To view additional filters move to the Filter button. Available search parameters are:

Aircraft types - type of the aircraft selector

Base airport - base airport of the aircraft

Pressurised - specify the plane is under pressure or not

Air cond.- specify the presence or absence of air conditioner

Manufacturer - aircraft manufacturer

Family - aircraft belonging to a group

Review date - aircraft review date

Also, you can sort items by letters and check-boxes:

  • Linked GSA - displays the list of aircrafts with linked GSA 
  • Ready to fly - shows the list of aircraft which ready for work
  • Deleted - shows the list of previously deleted aircrafts
  • Self operated - shows the aircraft which belong to the current airline


You have an opportunity to export aircraft data in XLS format


In case some functions are inaccessible, please check the permissions list below

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