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Enquiry Status

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The Enquiry status field helps all brokers inside company to understand at what point an Enquiry is currently at. It's also used for Enquiry Search Filters and Enquiry history of creation.
When a new Enquiry is created it automatically allocates a “New” status.

  • Indication – to be used once a price indication has been given or requested
  • Quoted – to be used once a quote has been sent
  • Lost – to be used if the charter has been lost to another charter company / directly to operator
  • Cancelled – if the charter has been cancelled or the client is no longer chartering
  • Duplicate /purge – required when the system is not working correctly

After a quote is accepted by the client, the “Set Won” button (on the pricing tab) sets the status to won

In case of cancellation of the booked charter, Won Status can be easily cancelled by clicking Red minus sign next to Won symbol or "Set Unwon"on the bottom of Pricing tab

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