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Enquiry Search Filters

Homepage→ Flights→ Enquiry→ Office Enquiries 

Awery system offers a wide search ability that allows to filter Enquiries by:

  1. Customer name
  2. Operator name
  3. Office name
  4. Broker name
  5. Entering a specific Enquiry number (ID)

  6. Entering Fixture number (same as Ref. number)

  7. Ticking the status/ statuses by which you would like to filter the Enquiries 

    To fasten the process of search use:
     (1) to select all statuses
     (2) to unselect all statuses

  8. Entering AWB number 

  9. Type 

  10. Charter Type 

  11. Entering dates "From-To"
  12. Entering "Origin-Destination" ICAO and IATA codes, country or city names
  13. Ticking "ALL" to see all created Enquiries
  14. Additional option of the extended search allows to find and check any necessary information from the Deleted enquiries, filter by Invoiced and earlier created but yet Not Invoiced ones. 

  15.  Press "Search" to apply filters and see the results.
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