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Comm. J Aircraft Types

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The current page displays general information about the Comm.J aircraft types, their characteristics, manufacturers, payloads, MTOW, etc.

Also, you have an opportunity to add new aircraft types, edit and delete outdated types

List description:

Type Full Name - full type name of the aircraft

Type Name - short name of the aircraft type

Crouping - group classification

Category - category of the aircraft

Manufacturer - manufacturer of the aircraft

Type - type of the aircraft: Comm.J

Aircraft - planes count  for a particular aircraft type

IATA - aircraft type designation by IATA

ICAO - aircraft type designation by ICAO

MTOW - max takeoff weight (kg)

Payload - payload of the aircraft 

Max. Pax - maximum number of passengers

CR Speed - cruise speed

Runway - minimum runway

Volume - volume loading of the aircraft

Range - maximum range the aircraft can fly

Max. Fuel - maximum fuel of the aircraft

Hold Size -  hold size of the aircraft

Rotary - aircraft with rotary wing are marked with a green tick 

Sorting and Filtering

Awery system proposes flexible filters for convenient and quick search.

Use Manufacturer, Grouping, or Search field(s). Also, units are available parameters

In Filters, you can input more specific parameters as Pax, Payload, Range, Hours

Also, you can view items with filled AC database, deleted and empty gallery aircraft types - use the corresponding checkboxes

Other Options

  • You can delete outdated aircraft types. Make sure that canDelete permission is true
  • To add a new aircraft category click the button 
     and move to 
    Aircraft Categories

Categories you can specify when create or update aircraft type

  • By double-clicking the entry - you can view the aircraft type details and update data
  •  You can create a new aircraft type. Make sure that canCreate permission is true and click the New button 

To learn more, follow the link New Aircraft Type


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