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Aircraft Categories

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Aircraft categories page allows you to set up categories for different aircraft types. You have an opportunity to update and delete items

Aircraft categories are required when you create a new Aircraft type in the system

List description:

  1. Search field
  2. The table with results
  3. Form to create, update and delete items

NB! Field “Type” works as a filter and as a field to specify the type category for the aircraft when you create a new entity. The default value is “CommJ”


To view categories for Cargo type - select option “Cargo”, etc


How to create a new category
  • Click + New to create a new category

Specify the Type and fill in the mandatory field “Name”

Click the Update button

NB! To see an already created category in the list, please select the required type in the filter

How to update/delete a category
  • To update, select the required category, make changes and press Update
  • To delete, select the category and press Delete
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