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CASS Export

CASS automatization process

To set up automatic CASS application in AWB, you need to open Stock company management.

For this select AWB Stock menu item  


Then select the stock company to edit and press Open.

The pop-up for editing will be available. Tick the Auto CASS tick.

After selection of this AWB stock company in AWB, the CASS tick will be automatically applied.

NB In case of re-selection of Stock company in AWB which has no automatic CASS tick, tick will not be deactivated, you need to unselect it manually.

In case some of revenue items should not be included in the CASS export, after marking AWB as Need to CASS, in each revenue item there will be a tick Non CASS. If you activate it, this line will be excluded from CASS export.  

To filter AWB list by Need to Cass only, use extended search tool.

After the list is filtered, select CASS export report

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