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AWB Stock companies

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The  current interface is used to create stock companies and types of commissions that are necessary for cargo transportation and for the preparation of accompanying documentation

The main functionality on the page:

  1. Search- allows you filtering data by name, company code and company prefix parameters
  2. The table data
  3. The Editor- the set of fields and buttons, which helps you add, edit and delete items


General Info tab

  • To create a new stock company, move to the editor, and complete the General Info tab:

Name - the name of the stock company. Mandatory field

E-Mail, Phone, Fax, Website - contact data

Agent name - the authorized agent of the carrier

Agent IATA Code - agent IATA code

Agent Account No - agent account number

Agent Adress - agent address

Country - select in the dropdown country, where the stock company is located

Department - select an appropriate department ( Department list should be previously created)

Office - select Office

Company code - enter the stock company code

Company prefix - enter the stock company prefix

Address - office address

Type - select the contractor type. Customer type is default

Customer - specify the required customer

Notes - text area for comments and details

Check-box section:

  • Stock only - tick the check-box and when you will select the current stock company in AWB only SELECT and AUTO radio buttons will be available for AWB NO
  • Commission only - in case the current parameter is ticked, after creating  Revenue in AWB, Expense will be created automatically on the same amount, rate, currency
  • Auto cass - check-box CASS will be ticked automatically in the AWB
  • Check Awb No - AWB No validity will be checked. (The check-box is available for users with the permission showCheckAwbNoForValidity)

Revenue commission/ Expense commission tabs

  • Select the Charge type on the Type drop-down, enter the commission percent
  • Check-box “Auto” - commission will be calculated automatically for Revenue/Expenses

Entries with “Auto” parameters will be colored blue

  • You can add, update and delete the commission types by using the corresponding buttons

Teams tab

  • Select Team(s) on the left side by tick

Ticked Team(s)  will be displayed on the right side of the tab

  • To save changes click

  • In case you need to delete the stock company, select it on the list, the Delete button will be available:
    • Confirm (or cancel)  the action in the dialog box

  • Immediately after deletion, you can restore the stock company,  if it was done by mistake. Just click the Undelete button 


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