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Route Building

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Route Building sector is used to enter and keep in easy access the main information about the flight: Origin and Destination airports, Flight time, Airports' details and chosen AC etc.

  1. Enter Origin and Destination Airports

    a.  Airport can be searched by ICAO or IATA codes

      b.  Enter City name to see all airports in the city 

       c. Enter Country name to see all airports in the country 

  2.  Enter Flight No, PAX (for Cargo Type enter Payload), Dates and Timing UTC/Local time 

    User Settings Time

    Based on User Settings Date and Time could be shown in either Local or UTC time zone. Local times are shown as blue, UTC as black

            a.  Flight Time Calculation 

           The system calculates Flight Time based on selected Origin / Destination airports (1) and Aircraft (2) average speed in kilometers per hour or knots (3). You can enter the speed in fields (3) or after AC is selected (2), system will update the speed based on selected aircraft type automatically. 

    3.  Tick TBC "To be confirmed" when Sector timing is not confirmed.

    4.  Tick HIQ "Hide in Quote" not to show leg in Customer quote (e.g. could be used in EL)

    5.  Tick EL "Empty Leg" to mark sector as Empty Leg. There is EL-related category that shows the list of all empty legs, allows to see them on map or link to enquiry etc. 


             6. Additional buttons

                   a.  Press

(1) and (2)  to check details of Origin and Destination Airports

                   b.  Press 

(3) to check distance between Origin and Destination airports, map of the flight

                   c.  Press 

(4) to delete Sector from the Route


 Information will not be saved in database until you press 

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