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Notification setup

Settings→ System settings→ User management→ Notification User Type


Notifications are used to set reminders with the required frequency

Here you can view/add/edit/delete notification scripts data

The functionality on the page and table data are the same as General User Settings


How to add notification script

Make sure User type is  “Notifications”

          Specify “Scripts” in autocomplete drop-down 

  • Click the Save button

After successful creation, select the already added entry on the list by double click and move to the Notification tab

  • Please, specify (1) notifications email(s) and (2) frequency of receiving notifications and click the Add button

Validity values for input fields:

  • Minute - (0-59)
  • Hour - (0-23)
  • Day of Month - (0-31)
  • Month - (1-12)
  • Day of Week - (0-6, Sunday to Saturday, Sunday=0 or =7)


If you set the Monday (Day Of Week =1), a notification will be sent every Monday

min=45, h=23 * * DOW = 6, notification will be sent at 23:45 every Saturday

To receive notification a few times per day, use the formula “*/period”

If you set the “*/2” as Hours, a notification will be sent every two hours starting the time you will save the settings

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