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General User Settings

Home Page→ System settings→ User management→ General mode


User Management interface allows you to add/edit/delete/view  system users and their data, assign group permissions, view the statistics

Also, you will be able to customize notifications and create external users who do not have direct access to the system but can use AWERY side products (service portals, cargo booking, crew portal)

List Description

The data table for users type General contains the following columns:

  • Login - user login for the system access
  • Name - full user name
  • E-mail - contact e-mail
  • Office - user office
  • Linked entity - employee name which could be displayed in some interfaces as a responsible person ( mailers, awb, enquiries, etc)
  • Two step verification - in case of the green check-mark
    user has extra verification at the login page
  • Notes - details and comments
  • Groups - list of groups the user belongs to
  • Last login - the date of the last login
  • Registered on - the date of the user registration


How to create a new System User

 System users have a General user type. It means the user has direct access to the system

  • To create, please click the +New button. The sidebar will appear on the screen.

Fill in the required fields marked with a red asterisk* on the Main Info tab. Other fields are optional

  • Username- short username which will be used as a login, mandatory field
  • Password - password for access, mandatory field
  • Repassword- duplicate the password, mandatory field
  • E-mail - user e-mail address, mandatory field
  • Name - full name of the current user
  • Surname - full surname of the current user
  • Language - selected system language
  • Birthday - date of birth 
  • Office - select the company for the current user
  • User type - GENERAL is the default

Pay attention to some settings on the Main tab that effect displaying data in the system:

  • Default currency - sets the default currency to display prices, rates, etc. for the current user
  • Team - select the required user team
  • Station- Warehouse selector
  • Stock. Company- Stock Company selector
  • Contractor type & Linked Entity - employee type and name which could be displayed in some interfaces as a responsible person ( mailers, awb, enquiries, etc)
  • Values - choose between metric and imperial unit formats to display values for the current user
  • Timing - choose between Local or UTC format for the current user
  • Airport codes - choose IATA or ICAO codes format for the current user

Some checkboxes  will set extra settings:

  • Block password reset - block reset password option on the login page for the current user
  • Block interface - current user will be automatically logged out 30min after the last action
  • Two-step verification - extra verification at login for the current user
  • IP Restrict - allows to login user, which IP is entered to ipsecurity_ips global

  • To confirm creation, click the Save button

Other settings for System User

After successful creation, you will be able to continue setting up the user. To do this, please  select a new user on the list, double click the entry, and the sidebar will be opened

  • Access level depending on groups user belongs to. To assign permissions, please move to the Groups tab. The tab is divided into two parts:

1- All groups list

2- Current user groups list

Add the required groups by ticking check-boxes opposite the group title. Data will be saved automatically

To remove the group, please unselect it on the 2nd  list

Please note: You can also copy permissions from one user to another on the Main tab. Copy Permission button is blocked while you do not select User from

In the same way, you can specify Mails, User Teams, Aircraft

Notification and Entities tabs are blocked for General user type

  • Provided user data can be edited in the same sidebar

How to delete User

You can delete Users from the main list.

Please, tick the check-box opposite the required name and the Delete button will be available

Additional Options

  • In case you have deleted a user by mistake, you can restore him:

Filters button→ tick check-box “Deleted”→ tick User on the list→ click “Restore” button

  • You have an opportunity to Block user. Just select the required person on the list by double click. The Block User button is located on the Main tab of the sidebar 

  • To Unblock user, please move to the Filterbar→ tick "Blocked" check-box→ Search button→ select the required user by double click→ click the Unblock button

  • Also, by clicking the button
    you can switch to User Activity tab and look through statistics for the required period User Activity
  • Manage Team option
    You can use User Teams to divide participants into different departments of your system

Sorting and Filtering

  • Search- you choose the search parameter yourself in the selector "By"
  • By- available parameters are login, name, e-mail, department
  • Office- offices selector
  • Group- user groups selector
  • Team- teams selector 
  • User type - available three options: General (default), Notification, External

You can combine filters for more exact results

  • Filterbar - additional filtering parameters: Deleted, User only, Blocked, Blocked reset password, Two-step verification. Please, click the Search button after selection



To view (print) the reports press  the Reports button and select an appropriate option by clicking the Exel Report button


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