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Manifest import

Home Page→ Shipments Database→ Manifest Import button

To import manifest please click on Manifest Import on the Shipments database page.

You will see a new window opened

The system accepts Manifests if ICAO ANNEX 9 Append format

After import, the system will create a flight accordingly to the flight information from the manifest (if the flight already exist in the system, another one will not be created to avoid duplications)

Then, the system will create all AWBs from the manifest and assign them to the flight.

Drag and drop or browse the file. Wait for Prepared data load

Add Company - your office

AWB Customer - the customer that will be assigned to all imported AWBs

Flight Category - a category of the flight in Manifest ( usually Cargo flight)

Operator - operator of the flight

AC type - aircraft type in the flight

Go to "To be imported" tab

After click "Import" - all selected AWBs will be imported 

Please, recheck manually highlighted AWBs after import - there could be some mistakes during PDF parsing.

Wait for import.

The system will give a notification for successful AWB import and not successful. 

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