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Inventory Requests list

Inventory request

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The current interface allows you to create new inventory requests, view the list of previously created requests for the various periods and their results, and manage the request statuses. 

Also, the interface displays the request items, their quantity, sent qty, purchase qty

Inventory Request page allows you to switch between two modes.

Requests mode shows the preview of inventory requests with general information

Request items mode displays all items related to every request number

Requests mode is default

Inventory Requests → Requests mode description

1.Top filters and buttons:

  • -  a checkbox is available by permission
    viewAll. Ticked check-box ALL allows you to see entries created by other users.

           Not ticked check-box ALL allows you to see entries created only by yourself

  • - mode switch
  • - the button allows the quick creation of new request
  • - quick search by the requirement number
  • - quick search by ID
  • - available two options for selection Creation/ Required. “Creation” is selected by default 
  • - From/To date picker
  • - Date range selector

2.Additional filters and buttons:

  • - Search/Refresh button
  • - New Cake Request button
  • - by clicking the Clear Filters button  you can return to the default page view
  • - the Delete button allows you to remove requests
  • - Filters - the button hides additional fields that allow you filtering entries by the next parameters:

by “Delivery location”

by “Req. department” - the department that requested the inventory

by “Delivery department” 

by “Statuses”  - specify necessary statuses or select/ unselect all by clicking the button 

 3. The table description you will find below:

Column name



request ID

Requirement No

request number

Posting Date

date the inventory request was created

Requested By

department who requested the inventory

Posted by

user who requested the inventory


place of inventory


department of inventory

Required Date

date of inventory


inventory request status

Qty Items

sent quantity from the total quantity

Also, you have an opportunity to view the list of request items by clicking the required value of Qty Items columns. Entry format: # product name + sent qty/qty + unit

Inventory requests → Request Items mode description

1.Top filters and buttons:

  • - mode switch
  • - quick search by request ID
  • - Date type selector
  • From/To date picker
  • - Date range selector

2.Additional filters and buttons:

All buttons have the same functionality as in Requests mode. Except for filters bar 

Flexible filters can be combined with each other to provide you the most precise data that you need

by “Order location”

by “Delivery location”

by “Supplier”

- filtered request items without Linked Purchase Order 

3. The table description you will find below:

Column name


Request ID

request inventory ID


item description


product name

Purchase Unit

purchase unit (packaging)

Purchase Qty

purchase quantity (number of packages)


number of pieces in the package


pieces unit

Sent Qty

quantity items with linked move orders

Linked Qty

quantity items with linked purchase orders (LPO)


checkmark appears in case of LPO creation 

4.Suppliers list and Quick Search

Filtered request items (products) by Supplier


How to create a new Inventory Request

AWERY system allows the creation of a new request in a few ways :

  1. Press 
    button from Requests/Request Items modes - the New Cake Request tab will be opened in the next line New Inventory Request
  2. The Auto Request button allows you to create a New Cake Request. After clicking the button the side-bar will be opened. Field Location is obligatory. For quick creation use the button Apply - the created request can be edited later. Or click Apply and open - the created request will open in the next tab and you can immediately start editing the request

How to edit the Inventory Request

  • To change the inventory request data, please double click the required entry. Request will be opened in the next line. Confirm updates by clicking the Save button. This option is available from both tabs

How to delete the Inventory Request

  • In case you have permission canDelete the button Delete is visible

To delete an entry, select it using the check-box opposite the request and click Delete. This function is possible only from the Requests mode

  • Confirm or cancel the action in the dialog box





allows user to delete chosen request from the list of requests


allows user to see all of the requests ever created by any other user, not only requests created by

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