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How to create New Received Cheque

The received cheque can be created from Bank Receipt Voucher > Payments&Cheques > insert cheque number and click Plus '+'.

In the newly opened window, check the details and add status 'DUE'. Click add cheque. 

A created cheque will be connected to this Bank Receipt Voucher(BRV). Basically, this BRV is your accounting entry for the cheque. Post BRV. 

You can upload a scan picture of your cheque to the cheque in the system.

Once you have cleared a cheque - change the status to CLEARED and add Crear date. Automatically, the job date in BRV will be replaced by a Clear date from the cheque. 

You can see the total amount of all DUE cheques at Outstanding Balance page. 

On your Customer Statement and Outstanding Statement, the DUE Cheques will be shown separately as Pending Cheques.

On your Bank Accounts list, you will see a Total by all your Received cheques.

On your Bank book, the cheques will be depicted separately

On your Bank Reconciliation, the cheques will also be depicted separately

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