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Fare Bases

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The key feature of the Fare Base is creating prices for each class, passenger types and route

The Fare Bases interface allows you to view the list of previously created entries, edit them and create new fares

List Description:

Name - full name of the class

Class - code/abbreviation of the class

Origin - origin airport

Dest - destination report

PTC (Passengers Type Codes) -  classifications for each passengers: ADL, CHD, INF ( adult, child, infant)

Price - price for the ticket for a particular class, route and PTS

Cur - currency


Quick Search field - available parameters for the search are: name, class, origin, destination, PTC, price, currency

Origin/Destination selectors - allows to filter items by ICAO/ IATA codes, city and country

Also, you can view only “Round Trip” or “Transit” prices

To reset filters use the Clear Filters button

To delete, open the required entry by double-clicking. The Delete option is enabled on the interior page


You have an opportunity to create or update quickly a Farebase Class

Click the Classes button and the system redirect you to the Farebases Classes page

To learn more, follow the link Farebases Classes


  • To add a new fare, click the NEW button

The New Fare Base page will be opened in the next tab

Main block 

  • Fill in the main information. Please, find the fields description below:

Name -  the mandatory input field

Class - the air ticket classification

Origin/Destination - the autocomplete selectors for the airport. Validity values arer IATA/ICAO codes, city or country

VIA - the transit  autocomplete selectors for the airport. Validity values are IATA/ICAO codes, city or country of the an transit 

PTC - select the required passenger type code

Currency - currency oa a fare base

Policy text - text area for notes and comments

  • Click the Update button to save

Additional block

Then you will be able to specify the fare charge type, price, currency and rate

  • To save changes click the Update button
  • To add an extra line use the +New button
  • To delete an extra line click the Delete button
  • To add quickly a missing Fare Charge type click the Types button

Functionality is the same as Farebases Types

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