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Farebases Types

Home Page→ Settings→ System Settings→ Flights→ Farebases Types


Awery system allows adding fare type and their details. Edit and Delete options are available

The settings are necessary when you will create air tickets in the Fare Base

Main functionality on the page:

  1. Search field- allows filtering data by name, type and days before parameters
  2. The table with results
  3. The Editor - the set of fields and buttons which helps you add/edit/delete items 


How to create a new type
  • To add a new firebase type, click the New button in the Editor and fill in the next data:

Name - firebase type name, mandatory data

Type - select an appropriate option on the drop-down: Charge, Refund, Change

Days before - input field for integers

  • Click the Update button to confirm creating
How to Update/Delete
  • In case of some changes, you can edit the fare type. Select the required item on the list, edit and click Update
  • To delete, select the item on the list and the Delete button will become active

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