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Cheques Issued

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On the Cheques Issued interface, we can see all Issued cheques created from Bank Payment Voucher.

Bank Payment Voucher is used when the payment is made through bankers of a business firm.

List descriptions:

Cheque No - cheque number

Office - company

Contractor - customer’s name

Bank - customer’s bank

Currency - cheque currency

Amount - amount of the Bank Receipt Voucher

Cheque Date- check date is set when invoices are selected for payment

Clear Date - is the date that the payment was made ( the posting date of the payment document)

Left Days - the difference between clear date and cheque date

Status -cheque’s status: Due, Cleared, Cancel, Returned, Void, Due Posted

Description - comments

Linked Entry - related job number


The system allows filtering items by Cheque NO, Company, from-to date, range, Check date, Clear date

To view more filters, open the filter bar. Available options are currency, contractor type, customer, customer bank (input field), statuses


You have an opportunity to export data in XLS, PDF formats

Click here to open the Bank Payment voucher for this cheque.

The Interior page of the Cheque Issued

Open the required check by double-click

  • To save the changes please use the Update button 
  • To open the related job, use the Open Job button 
  • To upload the file, use the Drag&Drop Attachments Tool

Please note, there is no opportunity to delete an uploaded file. You can upload a new one and the old file will be changed automatically


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