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Charter calculation procedure

Charter calculation procedure steps

First, the supportive database should be created

-       Brokers
-       Customers
-       Suppliers
-       Rates

After the database is created, all calculations will be done automatically

1.Creation of brokers

Brokers are the employees dedicated to work with enquiries and calculations in the system

To create a Broker, choose Employees database 

Create an employee by pressing
 and inserting all necessary information to employee profile, or choose existing one from the list 

  1. Choose type Broker in drop-down


      2. Update an employee to save changes 

2. Creation of Customer

To create a Customer, choose the relevant menu item on the main menu 

Create new by pressing  
 New button

Insert main necessary information 

  1. Name - Company name used for internal purposes

  2. Official name - Official Customer’s/Supplier’s name to be used for documentation

  3. Office - Office which is working with this  Customer/Supplier

  4. Main contacts – website, main email, main phone, main fax

  5. Default currency – to be used for invoicing automatically

  6. Press Add (Update in case you are just updating existing customer)

3. Creation of Supplier

 Procedure is the same from menu item All Suppliers and choosing the corresponding type of Supplier


4. Rates creation

To start entering rates, choose Flight cost center from the main menu 


The list of expenses types will be open 

Choose the type from the left side and start inserting data: 

  1. Airport / Country – will be applied for specific airport or all airports in country

  2. Aircraft type – for which will be applied

  3. Type of enquiry

  4. Supplier – who is providing this type of service

  5. Rate / Price – rate per unit (kg/person/km) or fixed price

  6. Currency – currency of the rate

  7. Start date – from when

  8. After press Add rate 

You are able to create rate for an Airport of for the country and they will be applied accordingly

5. Fuel rates creation

The same procedure should be held for Fuel rates 

After opening the list of existing rates from suppliers will be available


To create new press 


  1. Supplier

  2. Airport

  3. Period of rate

  4. Units

  5. Rate

  6. Currency

  7. Min qty – minimum quantity to be charged

  8. Fees – find details when fees are applied In Fuel rates manual or by link

  9. Press

In case the rate was inserted after creation of flights/enquiries, press
 to apply newly created rate.

NB If you select Customer – this rate will be applied only if this Customer is selected in the Enquiry

6. ACMI Rates for aircrafts

ACMI rate should be inserted for each aircraft.

For this first find aircraft in the list 

Open the last tab ACMI rates

 to add new rate.


  1. From date – from when this rate will be applicable

  2. Type – Revenue, if our client will pay us, Expense – if we pay for ACMI

  3. Vendor – who will provide the ACMI

  4. Time type – according to Fly time or Block tome we will calculate the ACMI

  5. Guaranteed hours – minimum of hours you will charge your client for

  6. Rate – insert basic rate per hour

  7. Rate over – rate over guarantied hours

  8. Cur – choose currency of the rate

  9. Add rate – press after you fill in the data 

7. Enquiry creation


To proceed with calculation, you need to create an enquiry 

Press New VIP/Cargo/Comm Enquiry from main menu


  1. Broker

  2. Office (will be taken automatically from your broker)

  3. Date of request (by default the date of creation is taken)

  4. Customer

  5. Contact (default will be taken automatically)

  6. Type of enquiry

  7. Charter type

  8. Commodity – if necessary

  9. Enquiry notes – if necessary

  10. Insert routing – origin – destination of customer’s quotation

  11. Insert timing – departure – arrival for your origin – destinations

  12. Press Save inquiry 


In case you can offer several (variable) routing, press Option and create the alternative route.
 (the button becomes active after enquiry is saved) 

Proceed with choosing aircrafts to offer client 

  1. Choose the aircraft

  2. Press +

8. Calculation creation

Switch to tab Calculation

According to the route and enquiry and rates we inserted, they will be automatically picked up for each operator separately 

Each sector will be calculated separately

The ACMI will be picked up automatically 

You mention Margin. Total cost, price and Margin total will be calculated automatically 

For each sector you insert speed and payload. Flight time, Block time and approximate fuel burn is calculated accordingly 

If rates were inserted correctly, they will be pick up now. If any additional costs are needed – press Add cost and choose the type of expense from the list. 

Fuel expenses are created according to approximate (exact if you have) fuel consumption and fuel uplift for each leg you insert. You can insert consumption per hour and the leg-one will be calculated accordingly 

You may change fuel rate or insert in manually 

You may add as many costs as you need to calculate. Every next cost is added by
  button. Then Qty and rate should be inserted and supplier chosen.

After calculation is done,

As well, you may copy you calculations from previous similar enquiries 

The pop-up will be opened. Choose Category Default. Press search

Choose the inquiry from list and tick expenses you want to copy. Press Copy expenses

After the calculation is saved it may be pushed to sales department

As well, you can export the calculation you did into excel file by pressing Excel button 

NB There are several indicative statuses of enquiry before setting to WON for easy check on which stages you have your inquiries. This is for internal purposes to follow them up.

You can change them manually and save enquiry after.  

9. Sending out a quote to Customer

After this you can send Customer a quotation. For this press Generate Customer Quote

You can do it from Calculation page 

Or from Pricing tab

10. Flight creation

After your Customer confirms you the deal, you need to fix the enquiry. For this you switch to Pricing tab and Press Set Won 

Choose why customer selected your offer and type of Fixture. Press Submit 


After that the Create flight button will become active and you can create a flight with the routing you had for WON option 

Choose the type and status of flight. Press Create 

And the flight interface will be opened.

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