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Budgeting is a tool for budget creation for the year.

On the top menu of the page, you can select Company, Year, Location and Department for which you are going to create a budget. 

There are Parent account names written in bold on the right side of the page, and child account names on the left side of the page.

Currency in the budget is always a company's currency, that you can change in Offices → Company.

By clicking MORE you will see an extended menu where you can Print the full budget for the selected period, sort by account  types and search among the accounts. To search, enter the name or Account number or Parent account number and press 'Search'.

To add budget for a year period, simply enter it in a month field under the right account.

As here on example, we have budget added for January, February and March for company WDS, 2019 year, the budget has no specific location or department.

Let us select a location and add a budget.

Once we change the location, we can see the page has changed. Budget fields are empty because there is no budget entered yet.

But we can see a Total sum for this account - highlighted by the green frame. If you click on Total sum, you will see an extended summary of the budget for the current company, year and month. Budget values are grouped by department (on the left side) and by location (on the right side).

After adding budget for current location - Total summary changes.

When we select the department and add budget - it appears in Total summary for the account.

To print a Budgeting report - click MORE. Select dates for reports, by default there is a range from the beginning of the selected year - till the end of the selected year. But you can change the dates range accordingly to your needs.  

After clicking PRINT BUDGET, the report will be automatically downloaded in the XLS extension.

On top of the report you can find the information about the:

  • company for which the report is created;

  • the name of the report;

  • the time of generation;

  • name of the user who generated the report;

  •  the period took for the report;

  •  currency rate from USD to the currency of the company and vice versa. 

    The total amount for parent account (the sum of child accounts) if written by blue color, total amounts for child account - in black.

Also, the report automatically calculates Total Operating revenue, Total direct cost, Gross profit from operations, Gross profit, Total overheads, Net profit and Net profit after tax, 

You can always change the budget for a month by simply deleting a current value and entering a new one. Total will be automatically recalculated.

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