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Accounting Reports (old)

General Ledger – Shows all accounts moving balance. All transactions, where on DR/CR any account is selected. 

Trial Balance – Same as General Ledger, but showing only opening and closing balance for all accounts, without moving

NB 1) Not posted Jobs or Jobs with not-cleared Checks connected will not be included in these reports. 

2) If Debit and Credit not matching – there might be transaction inside one accounts group

Ledger – the one selected in the account

Detailed – ca_book – list of all transactions

Control only – only main (control accounts) will be shown in report, no subaccounts, only main sum

Detailed links – report will be with/without external links for other reports

Hide Zero – do not show account if there was no moving or if the balance is 0

Zero opening – will not show opening balance for each account

No closing – for closed periods – will show the data as if the period was not closed

New Financial reports

Profit & Loss – will show the turnover for Profit & Loss accounts

With variables – will show the difference from the previous period

Text – with separation and month by month

By Location – if the location is selected in the job, report will be grouped by locations

FAS – if the FAS is selected in the job, report will be grouped by FAS

By department – if the department is selected in the job, report will be grouped by department

Accounting type reports

Reports grouped by type of account selected in the setup

CaA– currency not affected – to accrual the currency difference or not

Balance sheet – takes data according to types setup for accounts

Other reports

Export – export all jobs

Rate diff – will show difference according to the different currency rates used for jobs

DR/CR diff – will show the difference of debit and credit sums


Detailed – will show all transactions

By bank - If selected account is bank/cash account, report will be grouped by bank. 1st column – in bank currency, 2nd column – in general system currency

By contractor - If selected account is Accounts payable/receivable will show grouped by supplier/customer/employee/crew

No selection – will show jobs, where customer is not selected, but company is selected

XLS detailed – will also show no selection jobs


By location – report grouped by location

No payments – report with no credit notes taking into account

By revenue – will take AWB/Flight revenue into consideration from 40- accounts

By expenses – will take 50-/60- accounts grouped by direct expenses type in transaction

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