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ULD Pallete

Accessible from Main Menu→ Flights→ ULD Control


ULD (a unit load device) is a pallet or container used to load luggage, freight, and mail on wide-body aircraft and specific narrow-body aircraft.

Here you can:

  • View the list of previously created pallets and their data
  • Control the location of the pallets and the number of days spent at the airport
  • Create a new pallet
  • Create Batch

Main elements on the page

1.Top filter panel

a. Q. Search - allows filtering data by pallet no, barcode, category, condition, owner, type, company, location, last AC type, last Reg.No, agreement no, notes

b. Data picker (from-to date)

c. “Categories” selector- all categories are ticked by default

d. “Condition” selector - five kinds of condition are selected by default

e. Pallet No. - pallet identifier number 

f. “Type” selector

2.Side filter panel

a. Search/Refresh button

b. Filter bar - flexible filters allow you to find more exact results

 Check-box “None” opposite some fields makes them unavailable for input or selection.

 Also, you will see all entries without parameter(s) with ticked check-box“None”

For example, all pallets without Agreement No are displayed on the screen

c. Report button - allows printing the information about pallets in PDF and XLS format

d. New button for pallet creating

e. Clear filters button

f. Delete buttons become active after selection pallet in the list

3. Additional features

a. Batch Create

b. Batch update for selected pallets

c.  Move pallets

d. Total pallets - summary information about the number of pallets and their route

e. Total Customers - summary information about customers and the number of pallets

4. Table with pallet data contains general information for the period. Some explanation you will find below:

“Days in airport”  column is highlighted with different colors and shows the difference between the movement date and current date. When Days in Airport more then:

  • "90" 
  • "60" 
  • "30"
  • "7"   
  • "1" 
  • "0"    

In the case of Returned day > 0, values in “Days in airport” are hidden

To view Returned dates, please specify the Returned condition

Batch Create option 

AWERY system allows you to add the required number of pallets at a time. These pallets are not connected to each other and can be used separately

  1. Press the 
    and the form will be opened
  2. Fill the data. Obligatory fields are marked by red asterisks 

“Type” *-  types of the pallet, available 7 types:

Name        Volume                              Tare weight

PAG     10cu.m./353 cu.ft           125x88 inch, lowerdeck pallet

PGA     33.2 cu.m/1174 cu.ft.     PGA/20-for maindeck pallet

PLB      6.9 cu.m./242 cu.ft.        125x60.4 inch, lowerdeck pallet

PMC    18.9 cu.m./652 cu.ft       125x96 inch, maindeck pallet

PNA     6.2 cu.m./378 cu.ft.        96x61.5 inch, lowerdeck pallet

PRA      27.2 cu.m./961 cu.ft.     16 foot, maindeck pallet

XST      10 cu.m. / 353 cu.ft.       125x96 inch stabillizer rack

“Company” - auto from your user office

“Type” - Vendor type dropdown (pallet owner type)

“Owner” - after Vendor type selection, please specify the pallet owner 

“CODE”* - will appear after Type selection

“From No”* - specify the pallet NO and pallet Quantity  and the system will create automatically  the corresponding pallet quantity and assign them numbers starting from the one you entered

“Category” * - categories of the pallet, available 5 options:

  • Own
  • Borrowed
  • Leased
  • Join stock
  • Other

“Condition” * - 7 pallet conditions are available on the dropdown:

  • Ok
  • Damaged
  • Archive
  • New
  • Lost
  • Returned

“Location” - please specify the current location of the palette by input ICAO/IATA/Country/City 

“Movement date/time” picker - select date manually or the current date will be saved automatically 

“Agr. NO.”  - agreement number

“Agreement Conditions” - text field for agreement details

“Note” - text area for comments

2. To confirm creation, please press the


Batch Update option 

You can edit one or several pallets at a time

  1. Please, select the required pallet (s) and press the
    Batch Update button, and the sidebar will be opened 
  2. Specify new information and press 

Move pallets option

It allows changing some information  for the desired palette(s)

1.Press Move Pallets button

  The side-bar divided into 2 parts will appear:

a. The left-side part - displays the main pallets list for the period and filters for more exact result

b. The right-side part - displays the already selected pallets. The editable fields are located in the header

2. Please tick the required pallets on the left list and click the arrow button

 Selected pallets will be displayed on the right list.


To move palette(s) back press 

3. Specify the mandatory and optional fields if you need and press the button 


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