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System Users*

User management tab manual

This tab is the administration tool that allows you to create\edit\delete\view users and manage their data.

Main tab consists of data table and toolbar at the top.

Create New user

Fill in all necessary fields in the pop-up window







 "Linked entity"



 "Contact and Private information"


There are also options that will inflict data format that will be displayed for the new user by our system.

 "Default currency" - sets the deffault currency to display prices etc. for current user.

 "Default values" - choose between metrical and imperial unit formats to display values for current user.

 "Default size values" - choose between inch and cm unit formats to display sizes for current user.

 "Airport codes" - Choose IATA or ICAO codes format for current user.

 "Airport time" - choose between Local or UTC time format for current user.

There are also some checkboxes that will set extra settings

 "IP restricted" – allows to login for user only from certain IP.

 "Block interface" – if selected user will be loged off after being idle for certain time.

 "Save Tabs" – if set system will remember the open pages for that user.

 "Notify" – marks user as virtual that is used for the notifications. After choosing this option there will  be “notifications” button and “script selection” window available. They allow to set the list of e-mails that  will receive notifications of current user their schedule and set after running of which script on server the notifications should be sent.

After pressing "Add user data button" you will be redirected to the pop-up window where the groups can be assigned to created user by adding them from the left list to the right.

Edit User 

will open the same pop-up window as for adding  New User where all provided data can be edited.

To make this button active you need to select one user from the data table below.

Delete user 

This will delete the selected in data table user from the list. In case of deleting user by mistake you can use the “user filter” button and checkbox “deleted”.  After initiating search with this filter one can see the list of deleted user.

By choosing the proper record from data table and  clicking “Restore” button you will return deleted user to the list of active ones.

Data Table

In the data table are displayed all users you have permission to manage.

The information about login, name, e-mail, company, groups, date of last visit, linked entities is provided.

You can also edit "mails", "shared entities", "aircrafts", "offices" and "groups" by clicking the proper buttons in the table 

Pressing this buttons will call out the pop-up windows with corresponding lists on the left and the records from that list on the right that are assigned to current user. You can edit the list of assigned records by adding or deleting.

Tool Panel

Tool panel gives you access to user management tool, advanced search filters and some statistics.

"Search filters" in tool bar allow to specify the list of users displayed in the data table below by selecting certain "office", "login", "group" or "team".

“UserFilter” button can specify what type of users should be displayed (active, virtual that are used for notifications or deleted ones).

All filters can be combined.

"Advanced options" button stores extra options:

   “Update schedule” button updates the list of script tasks on server.

   “Print perm” button export s permissions for displayed users into excel format.

   “Teams”  button – opens the pop-up window where new teams can be created or the existing ones edited.

“Load By” number sets how many records will be loaded at once while infinite scrolling the data table.

“User activity” button will open the pop-up window with interactive report  that provides information about the time users were logged in system.

There are "login", "office" and "data" filters available.

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