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Support Request Types

Types of support request:


Feature is not working how is was supposed to do (based on technical specifications) or working differently after acceptance of that feature and in any case is not the improvement or new feature or new requirement.


  • Blocker - Can’t use system
  • Hight - may affect the life operations and processing of data
  • Medium - the workaround explainable for users is available
  • Low - do not affect the process directly or can be treated on non-urgent basis - Bugs rectifications are covered with support, except bugs in developing features - which are not yet accepted by client.


  • Requires setup, explanation, help to resolve the query, access permissions, etc.
  • Tasks which do not require any development or developers involvement, but task that can be resolved by project managers and support staff - covered with support


  • Change to the current fictionality (new way of working, extra conditions, filters, export/print format changes, new templates requirements, etc.) - extra tasks - billable


  • New feature request - extra tasks - billable
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