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Special Handling Types

Home→ System Settings→Cargo→ Special Handling Types


The interface allows you to customize the Code and description list for goods that require special conditions for transportation.

Such cargo includes perishable goods and live cargo.

Perishable goods. These are, first of all, vegetables and fruits, as well as natural flowers.

They require compliance with certain temperature and humidity conditions, as well as the delivery as soon as possible.

Live cargo. These are living creatures, the same rules apply to them as to perishable goods - fast delivery, temperature control

You have an opportunity to view the previously created entries and add/edit/delete items

The main functionality on the page:

1. The Search field allows you filtering items by the code, description parameters 

2. The list of existing items:

  • Code - cargo  code
  • Description - type description

3. The Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries


  • To add a new Special Handling Type, please click the + NEW button in the editor and fill in the mandatory fields CODE and Description

NB: Max number of characters for CODE is 3

  • After filling in the data, please click the Save button
  • To change some data, please select the required item on the list. The information will be displayed in the Editor. After updating, please click Save 
  • To delete an outdated item, please select required on the list and the Delete button will appear in the editor, click it

Where you can use Special Handling Types:

  • Home→ Shipments Database→ open any AWB→ Details tab


  • There are no permissions on the page

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