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Services Expences

How to open the Services Expenses

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This interface allows you to look through the details of services expenses according to the selected period. In the list you can find information about quantity, unit, price, amount, currency and other additional information of each service. The icons in the sidebar helps you to open the linked job or service quicker. 

List description on the main tab

REF No – the number of the flight service

Supplier – the organization of fuel supply

Service – the id of the service

Type – the kind of the service

AP – the icao code of the airport

AC – the model of the aircraft

Reg. No – the registration number of the aircraft

Confirmed – the tick is shown in case of the Confirmed Provision Expense

Call signs – the call code of the aircraft

Route – the path of flight

Notes – the space with additional information

Qty – the quantity from the Costs tab

Unit –the unit of measure

Price – price per unit of service provided

Amount – the sum of all allocations from jobs

CR – the service’s currency

JOB – the number of a linked job

The icon with number of service at the end of a row is shown in the sidebar. Click on it to open the service

The icon of file is shown at the end of a row in the sidebar in case of the linked job. Click on it to open

Sorting and filtering

  • In the Types selector you can filter the entries according to the types that were selected in the Costs tab of service. There is an opportunity to select all types or only a part
  • In case the service has a linked job, select the company in the Job Company selector and sort the entries according to the office that was indicated in the job



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