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Services Cost Types

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The interface allows you to add a list of expenses spent on the service providing, and formulate the total price for the Customer

Main functionality on the page:

1.Search allows filtering the data by type, name and description parameters

2.The table of existed items contains the next columns:

  • ID- unique number
  • Type - parent entity
  • Subtype - child entity
  • Description - notes, comments
  • Country - shows 

3.The Editor - the set of buttons and fields which helps you add/edit/delete entries


  • To create a new entry, click the New button in the editor, and fill in the information:

Type -  available options are Fuelling, Handling, Permits. Fuelling is selected by default.

Name - cost type name,  mandatory field

Description - obligatory input field

Check-box “Country”-  in case the check-box is ticked only the country name will be shown in the airport column in the Service list.

And Country selector will appear in the service`s details

  • To confirm creation, click the Save button
  • To make some changes, just select an item in the list. The data will be displayed in the editor. Please, click the Save button after updates
  • To delete the entry, select the required on the list and the Delete button will appear in the editor

  • Confirm or cancel the action in the dialog box


  • There are no permissions on this page
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