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Salary management. Payroll

Salary management

For new salary creation choose the "Employee Salary" in HR module 

The list of created salaries will be opened 

For new salary creation press
. Then choose data from the drop-down list and fill in the necessary information in the description.

 choose the Company from the drop-down list

 chose the date of salary payment

 choose the month for with salary will be paid

 choose the currency for salary payment

 fill in the description if needed

choose the number of days that should be calculated in the month

After all the details are chosen press

The page for Salary editing will be opened

 The fields for Salary editing and search are available. As well as a button for quick Leave salary creation.

 will show the list of employees who receive salary in cash

 total sum of all jobs will be presented

To add employees who will receive salary please select them from the drop-down list and press Add

Employee now will be shown in the salary list



 Employee number in list

 employee’s ID

 employee’s name

 employee’s department

 employee’s position

 balance of employee (showing amount of money with +/- indication: employee owes company money (credit) or company owes money to employee (missing payments) )

 leave salary if appointed 

 total working days in month

 number of working hours this month

 actual working hours

 employee’s salary

 currency rate

 sum to receive on hands (in case if exist: - penalties, + bonuses, -/+ balance etc.)

 sum to receive in cash

After you may edit employees salary for month or choose any additional payments/penalties

The salary transaction will be created automatically 

For editing choose the transaction and edit the data you need

For example employee worked only 15 days this month – then insert 15 days and the a sum will be calculated automatically

(if you need not to change the sum of final payment press on the sum 

Then press update in the list and the data On hands will we changed accordingly.


Also you may add any additional payments

For example Bonus

 insert the sum of bonus and press Update

And any deduction


In total

The total sum to be received On hands will changed as well

NOTE: Settings of "TYPE OF SALARY"

Report printing possibilities are available by pressing

 - report in pfd

- report in xls

For Job creation with corresponding data press 
 and the Create entry window will be opened

After the data is being set up – the Payroll number will be shown

After pressing on Payroll the job will be opened for editing

After  the necessary editing you need to Post 
 it and then you will have possibility to create bank Voucher



Press it 
   and insert the data demanded

After trasaction is being  done on the salary page it will be indicated

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