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POS cash accounts

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The list of Cash Accounts which displays all banks with balance. 

List of description 

  • Name - the name of the cash account
  • Account No - the number of account
  • Bank - the name of the bank
  • Company - the name of the cash company
  • Type - the name of account type
  • Currency - the currency of the bank
  • Default - shows the default entry
  • Balance - the amount of the balance (with active ‘With balance’ check-box)


To view the details of the bank press the Info button, which is available at the end of the table by hovering over the record row.

Filtering and Sorting

You can filter your bank accounts by:

  • ICC - Include Only Cleared Cheques (Ignore Due and other Status).
  • IIC - Include Issued Due check with a date passed and all Cleared Checks Only (Ignore Due Received and other Status).
  • CAPC - Consider All Cheques Cleared.
  • Active - the status of the account
  • Inactive - the status of the account

Also using the ‘With balance’ check-box you will see the list of cash accounts that have balanced and in the cash account table will be added one more column named Balance.


To view a report press the Reports button. Then you can select the date and press on PDF Report.


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