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The PNRs interface generates PNR booking code for a particular flight. With this code passengers have an opportunity to find all the details about their flight

List Description:

PNR - the unique booking code

Status - status of the booking

Broker - name of the broker

PAX -  number of passengers

Origin - origin airport

Dest - destination airport

Person - passenger’s last name and first name

Contact - passenger’s first name


You can filter entries by origin, destination, from-to dates, period, PNR code, E-ticket number, broker


  • To clear selected filters use the Clear Filters button

  • To view PNR details, update or delete, please open the required entry by double-clicking - PNR’s interior page will be opened in the next line


  • To add a new code to the system click the +New button - new PNR’s page will be opened in the next 

  • Fill in the main data and click Update
  • When PNR number is already generated then PAX / Expenses tabs become available


Pax tab allows you to add passengers and their data to the particular flight

  • To add an extra line, click +New button
  • To delete an extra line, click Delete
  • To save changes, click Update

Expenses Tab

The Expenses tab is used to add fare charges types, their quantity, price and currency. The amount is calculated automatically

  • To add an extra line, click +New
  • To remove an extra line, click Delete 
  • To save changes, click Update

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