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Payment against Invoice & Purchase invoice

Payment against Invoice & Purchase invoice

First the corresponding Job should be created.

Choose the corresponding menu item for the necessary job type 

Then from the list press NEW 

Then insert/choose:

  1. Type of job will be selected automatically if you create from the corresponding list

  2. Company will be taken from your user

  3. Select station for this job

  4. Select department

  5. Select supplier (purchase invoices) /customer ( for invoices)

  6. Insert due date for this job to be paid

  7. Select kind of transaction – the preset of DR/CR accounts to be chosen for each entry

  8. Select direct expense & sub-expense if applicable

  9. Insert price

  10. NB CR/DR currencies will be taken from your default bank & settings of Customer/Supplier you select for this job

For more detailed description follow the link for Jobs creation

Then find this job in the list of entries, tick it and press PAY 

The standard interface of job creation will be opened. Choose by which mean you will pay/receive payment ( Bank/Cash Receipt voucher for inserting of Customer payments to us, Bank/Cash Payment voucher for our payments against purchase invoices)

The Supplier (1) and sum of payment (2) will be picked up automatically, select the direct expenses if applicable (3). Add Job (4)

The cross-allocation will be done automatically, so you will be switched to Receivables & Payables tab just right after creation, where this connection will be shown 

If the allocation was done in full, the in the list will be highlighted in purple. 

If the allocation is done partially, in the end of the line you will see in the allocation column the amount already allocated against payment / expenses allocation against flight/AWB/service( 222 – payment, 111 – allocation against expenses)   (for this, check the corresponding manual -

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