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Passenger List

Main Tool Bar

`Import` Button

To import the list of passengers, choose a convenient way for you.
Path :

  1. Home - Passenger list page - Import

       2. Home - Customers - Customer - Passengers tab - Import

After clicking on the import icon the Import page will become available.
Drag and drop the data file and make sure everything is correct.


If the system detects an error, the passenger will be highlighted in red.
Click on the term and read the error on the right.


If everything is correct - select the check box of the record that you want to save in the system and press the button "Import" :


The system will show a notification about the number of successful entries:


Now you can find downloaded passengers in the list and add data using the edit form:


Template for import (follow the template for correct data loading):

Passenger import to Awery (1).xlsx

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