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On the current page you can view orders that were previously created in Customers Bookings. You have opportunities filter orders by the different parameters, manage their statuses, etc

List Description:

ID - unique order id

Booking ID - customer booking ID that order relates to

Order date - order create date

Delivery date - order delivery date

Left - how many days left to the delivery date

Status - order`s statuses

Revision - OK/Alert - revision status of an order

Details - comments and notes

Customer - customer`s name

Complexity - order complexity

Time -the timing of order

Delivery - order delivery method

Delivery Loc. - delivery location

Delivery Address - delivery address

Executors - executor of the order

Done, % - order readiness as a percentage

Amount -  amount of the orders

Posted - posted orders are marked with a green tick


How to Post/Unpost orders
  • Select the required order and click the Post button

  • To Unpost select Posted order and click Unpost button
How to change statuses
  • It is possible to change the status for one or several items at the same time

Tick the required order(s) and click the Set Status Button. Specify status in the drop-down and click Save

How to view the order details/update
  • To view the order`s details or update the data, open the required order by double-clicking

Sorting and Filtering

Awery system proposes flexible filters for the search. 

  • Available parameters are ID, Office, Statuses, From-To dates, Range picker, Date type

Also, there are additional filters in the Filter bar

  • You can make filtration by Bank, Delivery type, Customer, Delivery location, Order complexity, Executor
  • Use the corresponding buttons to group orders by the way of registration Online/Not online; group Orders by Date/ Orders by Id
  • To view  list of Paid, POS created, Deleted orders use the check boxes  

To reset filters use the Clear Filters button


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