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Orders tab manual

In Order tab are displayed all orders from all existing bookings

Tool panel


"Order by" – select the default sorting (by ID or date)

"Print" – opens print form for selected order


"Clear search and results"

Filter options

There are flexible filters that can be combined with each other to provide you the most precise data that you need.

Existing filteres:

By "customer"

By "complexity"

By "executor"

By "location" (Kitchen)

By "delivery location"

By "date"

By "status" (statuses are selected in the checkboxes)












You can select all statuses by clicking the proper button near the checkboxes row

Data Grid

"ID" – order ID

"Booking ID" – ID of parent booking for current order



"Location" (Kitchen)



"Delivery"  - delivery type

"Delivery location"

"Delivery address"

"Delivery time"

"Time Left" till delivery




Edit order

By doubleclicking on the order in data grid you can jump to "order edit" menu tab same as described in Customers Bookings page.

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