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Office Customers

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Office Customers page displays the list of Customers related to your office

(the office is selected in your User Settings)

List description

  • Company - name of customer
  • Company Reg. Name - full name of customer
  • Status - status of customer
  • Compliance - compliance of customer
  • S.P. - Name of Sales person (Broker)
  • Credit, D - credit days 
  • Credit, A - credit amount
  • Cur - currency name of customer
  • Office - Office name of customer
  • Country - country name of customer
  • City - city name of customer
  • E-mail - email address of customer
  • Phone - phone number of customer
  • Industry - type of industry of customer
  • Prospect - prospect of customer


  • How to create a Customer

Press on 

 button on the left side of the screen then complete the form

  • Filtering 

To filter the list of customers press on the Filter button

You can filter the customer list by:

  • Customer Code
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • Country
  • State
  • Greetings
  • Types
  • Services
  • Categories
  • Alphabet
  • New on top 
  • Deleted 


 You can sort the customer list by:

  • Company name, City or Category
  • ID
  • Office - is selected by default
  • Broker
  • Status


  • Search/Refresh 

Using this button you can search data or refresh the list of customers.

  • Clear Filters 

Using this button you can clear all filters which were added on the page.

  • Groups 

Using this button you can open the Customer Groups page

  • Import

This option allows importing Customers to your Awery system. To learn more. follow the link Customers import

  • Reports

To open the window with reports press on the Reports button.

            There are two reports on Excel format: Customer list and Export Customers.


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