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New Flight Wizard (old)

Flight creation


To start creation of flight use New Flight Wizard from main page, Section Flights

Interface of Flight Wizard will be opened

Start to fill in the information

    1.  General flight information ( * - obligatory fields)

a.     Choose the flight type:



  • Flight - the normal one

  • Schedule - if the flight will be scheduled

  • Charter - charter flight

  • Truck - moving by truck

  • Leasing - leased flight

  • Co-load - flight co-loaded with another company
    b.     Choose Status 


  • Request - not confirmed flight, just a request from Customer
  • Planned - all agreed, contract not signed
  • Confirmed - contract for flight is signed

c.  Choose Category, Aircraft type and Reg.No 


  • Commj – comercial aircraft types
  • Cargo – cargo aircraft types
  • VIP – small private jets and helicopters   

  • Pick up one from list.
  • If there is no Aircraft type you need, please follow the link 

  • Pick up one from list
  • If there is no Reg.No in Database, you can put it manually in 
  • Or Add Aircraft 
  • If you don’t have an information on exact Reg. no while creation you can leave it blank

d.     Operator information 


  • Operator will be automatically picked-up from Reg.No
  • Can be chosen manually if no Reg.No is chosen
  • If needed to choose an Opeator, but it is missing in the list, Add Operator 

e.    Other Flight information



If there is no need for OPS department to follow this flight, put tick in this tick-box. In this case the flight will be ignored for notification mailing.

As well those flights will be marked in puprple in flight list       

  • Awery is connected to Flight Stats, so if the tick-box is active, actual movements times will be updated as per Flight Stats data.
  • NB: The feature should be additionally activated and is paid. For more details, please Contact us 

  Average speed for chosen Aircraft Category. Will be used for approximate flight time calculation

     2.   Flight route information ( *- obligatory fields)

a.     Origin/Destination 


  • For Origin/Destination start typing either/or:

-        ICAO code 

-        IATA code

-        City name

-        Country name

b.    Timing 


Dates can be chosen on calendar on manually inserted by putting cursor into the cell and typing 

  • Time should be inserted manually

-        In Black is UTC time

-         In Blue is Local time 

  • NB: Information button will open a table with selected aiports information with route on-map presentation


After Departure and arrival dates are inserted for all sectors, press 

 on the top 

Then open flight to proceed with editing and planning 

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