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New FA requests

Home→ Accounting→ Fixed Assets→ New FA Request

NB: Also, you can add a New FA Request from the FA Request page

Main information block

Fill in the necessary fields on the New FA Request page and click the Update button

Pay attention that the Delivery to location, Requested by department, Delivery to department fields are required

The user interface will be changed after the successful creation


Additional block

The Requested Items tab

    • QTY – the quantity of items
    • Items description – the space for additional notes
    • Process items – the status of the items
    • The Process item linked status

How to display the Process item linked status
  • Stay at the Requested items tab
  • Select the Approved status in the Process items column and click the Update button

  • Go to the Process Items tab
  • Create new process item using the entry from the Requested Items tab and click the Update button

  • The Process item linked status will be shown in the Requested items tab. Pay attention that the Approved status will be blocked, without opportunity to change it

Process Items tab

    • Requested item – the name of the item (items description and its quantity)
    • Description/Comments – the space for additional information
    • FA Type – the list of fixed assets types
    • FA Subtype – the list of fixed assets subtypes
    • FA – the name of the fixed assets 
      - the button to search the fixed assets
      - the number is shown in case of linked purchase/move order
      - click to open the fixed asset
How to link the purchase/move order 
  • Tick the necessary entry
  • Click the Create purchase/move order button

Pay attention that the error message will be shown in case the entry has already had linked purchase order or the FA column is empty


How to add new Fixed Asset
  • Click the Add new FA button to create a new fixed asset. The sidebar will be shown

  • Fill in the necessary entries and click the Save button

  • New fixed asset will be shown in the FA selector 

The Files tab

    • The space for Drag&Drop attachments 

The Approvals tab

  • User – the user’s id
  • Date – the creation date of approval


- click the Approve button to approve the FA Request 


- click the Delete button to clear the tab


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