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New booking

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This interface allows you to create bookings that came from external customers.

Also, there is an opportunity to create orders, send SMS, link jobs and upload reports.

In case the customer has a discount, you can reduce the amount of the order. Added present is also possible in this interface.


How to create a new entry

  • To create a new booking, fill in the necessary fields and click the Save button. Pay attention that the Station, Customer, Phone and Delivery location fields are required.


  • In case the customer has filled the booking type in the Customers list, the Booking type field in the New Booking interface will be not active. The name of the type will be changed automatically. 

*Customers interface

*New Booking interface

  • In the Delivery type selector, you can choose 2 variants of types: pickup or delivery
    • In case of the delivery variant, the additional fields will appear in the interface: City, District, Delivery address, Google address, Google Maps, Latitude and Longitude.

The information in the District field will be shown according to the selected city.

  • Pay attention that the Discount percent, Customer discounts and Discount bulk fields will be active in case the order has no job and the Amount > 0

List description in the Orders tab

  • ID – the unique number of the order
  • Revision – the status of review
  • Order details – the space of additional information
  • Location – selected origin location
  • Complexity – the level of complexity of the order
  • Time – the period of the time for the execution of the order
  • Done, % - the percentage of completion depending on the complexity of the order
  • Amount – the total order amount
  • Z – the clip
    is shown in case there are attachments.

How to link a job 

  • Click the + button to generate an entry

  • Fill in the necessary fields in the sidebar. Pay attention that the Office, Bank and Subtype fields are required

  • Click the Create Entry button to confirm the creation

In case the creation was successful, you could find this job in the Linked jobs tab

  • To open the job, click the Open Entry button


  • To delete the job, click the Delete job button

How to set the status to all 

  • In case you need to change the status in all orders at once, open the Set status to all selector

  • Select the necessary variant → all orders have changed their statuses

Pay attention that you have no opportunity to select the previous statuses. They will be blocked.

How to edit customer discount

  • Click the Edit button to open discounts 

  • In the sidebar you have an opportunity to create/edit/delete discounts. Fill in the necessary fields and click the Save button

Additional information

  • To create the same booking, click the Clone button

  • To open the contractor, click the button

  • To add a new customer, click the button

  • To add the presets to the orders, click the Presets button , select the suitable entry and click the + button 


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