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Multi-company/branches accounting setup

Awery ERP supports a multi-company configuration.

To set up, create or edit your companies or brunches press “Companies” and proceed to the tab, where you will find the list of your existing companies.

To create new press 

fill in the information about the company, add contacts, and save by pressing 

If you need to do changes in existing company double click on needed row and you will be redirected to the chosen company tab, do the needful and press 

 to save your changes.

Adding documents to company

Open the tab “Documents” 

Fill in the data. Press “Add document”.

You ll see your documents list with issued information.

Amount of days before expiration date will be highlighted different colours to show you which documents need updates.

Attach document from your computer using the tool or just move it from needed folder to the loading window


 to open uploaded a document from the list.

Adding bank account to the company

Go to ‘Companies”, open company that you want to add an account to and go to “bank account” tab.

Here you see the list of your bank accounts: name, number, codes, etc.

To edit account double click on it and proceed changes on the right window and press 

 to save it.

To add new account press 

 on the right window, fill in all the relevant information and save your account 

Important: Adding multiple companies is subject to license agreement.

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