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Location/Station interface is used to manage your warehouse data. 

It allows you to create new entities, edit and clone existing items


  1. Quick Search allows filtering information by such parameters as name, code, airport, office, address, type

2. Only Active check-box displays all active Locations/ Stations

3. On the left side, you will see a toolbar with 3 buttons:

  • Search/Refresh
  • New
  • Clear Filters

4. The list of existing items

How to add a new Location/Station

  • To add a new Locations/Stations do the following
  1. Click the + NEW button and you will see a sidebar on the screen. It is the editor for creating and editing items

2. To add a new entity you should fill in the required fields. Please find the field description below:




Location/Station name. The field is mandatory

Full name

Location/Station full name


Location/Station address 


Location/Station type. The System allows choosing one of several options which were previously created


Additional information


In case of creating AWB with the same airport, the Warehouse will be automatically displayed

Start input ICAO/IATA/country and field will be autocompleted


In case you need to add a “parent” location, please leave this field empty.

If you want to create the “child” entity, please select “parent” in the drop-down

Stock company

The stock company  is assigned to the particular location/station


Office the warehouse belongs. The field is mandatory. Choose office in the drop-down

Stuff hours

Workshop working hours. Used in Order Planning

Please note, almost all fields correspond to columns on the page, except for Stuff hours

Please, pay attention there is no opportunity to delete the existing Location/Station. You can disable entity by tick 

3. After filling data, please click CREATE

How to edit existing items

  • In case you need to change some information, please choose the required Location by double click. The sidebar will appear. Click SAVE after editing

How to clone Location/Station

  • Please choose the required Location by double click. The sidebar will appear. You can change information or leave the same data and click CLONE


  • There are no permissions on the page
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