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Invoicing of AWB

AWB invoicing

First way

To proceed with AWB invoicing, first of all, open the AWB from the list by double click

Choose Revenue tab

By default, basic revenue items are added, you can change and add them.

As well, by default the weight is picked up from pieces details or from AWB if was inserted manually here

You need to insert the rate per item (kg/lbs) or a fixed price, if applicable, to each item and press Create

After lines are created, to restrict changes of figures, press Confirm pricing

So the Update revenue buttons will disappear

Then there are several options:

1.     To create invoices separately for each line

Tick Connect in the end of the line


Choose Job sybtype, Bank and enter Due date, press Create

2.     Connect line to existing invoice

Tick Connect in the end of the line

Press Job

Insert job number and press create

3.     Or create invoice for all items

Choose Job sybtype, Bank and enter Due date, press Create

After all you will see all jobs connected to this revenue

By pressing on number, you can open the Job itself

Second way

Follow the First way till Confirm Pricing, in the list they will be marked by green tick. Or select the AWB in the list with ticks and Press

Then press Confirm pricing.

The AWB’s will be marked with green ticks in the list

After that from the AWB list

1 - 2 - 3 left to right:

Invoices creation from AWB’s selected from the list.NB Confirm pricing should be done before performing this action.

Basic Invoice creation pop-up will appear.


automatic creation of 1 Invoice for selected AWB’s. Customer should be the same.


automatic creation of separate invoices for selected AWB’s. Customers can be different.


automatic creation of separate invoices grouped by Customers. 1 Invoice per Customer. Customers can be different.

By pressing on coins, pop-up will be opened

You can open or print the job directly from here

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