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Invoice Creation and Emailing

Home→ Flights→ Enquiry→ Office Enquiries→ Open a required Enquiry→ Fixture (this tab becomes available once an Operator has been “SET WON”)

Awery system allows to create an Invoice, edit and send it to the Recipient directly from the Enquiry.


  1.  Check the Cost amount
  2.  Check the Sell amount
  3.  Check Currency Type (e.g. USD)
  4.  Check the Total Amount
  5.  Press Generate Entry→ Create Entry→ Open Entry 
  6.  Press "Mail" icon→ Select a Template

      7.  Check the email (Invoice will be attached to it)→ Enter the Recipient→ Press "Send"

      8.  The invoice will appear for the Accounts department as bellow

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