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Instruction for creating rates

Instructions for creating rates

For creating and editing rates, follow these steps:

Opening the base of your company, on the main menu in the table Cargo click on the row Basic rates 

or in the top menu in drop-down window Cargo click on the row  Basic rates 


The top row contains bookmarks with the types of rates: 

Basic сharges

Fuel surcharges

Security surcharges

Dangerous surcharges

Cargo handling

Trucking surcharges

Storage surcharges

Other surcharges

Airway bill fee

Customs clearance

Handling charges

Screening charges

Packing surcharges

Perishable surcharges


Tab Basic charges

Click the tab Basic charges in it you can create a new rates or using the search find the necessary for this in the  drop-down box
   select a point of departure and in the 

  select the destanation and click 
  in the list below will display all the found records

Also on the panel are buttons for:

 - refresh the page

 - create a new record

 -  delete record
When you click
 will open a window with the forms to fill

- choice of the customer

- date and time

 - a point of departure

 - the destination

 - minimal weight

 - rate

 - GSA rate

- notes

After filling all the forms, click 
 to add rate, to delete click button  


Вкладка Fuel surcharges  

All the tabs in this section are filled similar with this

To add a new rate in line with the types of services you select the required and click on the tab

At the top of the panel are buttons for:

 - refresh the page

 - create a new record

- update charge
-  delete record

To create a new recording, press
 then to the form 
 enter the date and time, to the window 
 enter rate, and then click  

In the table below will be your record in such form:

 from date,  

If you need to update an existing record, click
 if you add a new press 

In the window
 you can choose how many entries will be displayed on the page, in the form
  choose a page number in the box 
 shows how many pages of all, you can also 
use the arrow keys to navigate

<< - return to home page

<   - return to previous page

>> - go to last page

> -  go to next page


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