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How to make schedule flight

How to make schedule flight

To make flight schedule you have to plan flight as usual and after filling all forms (timing, call-sign, routing, e.t.c.) go to the Info tab
 and press 

It will open following window

there you have to put beginning and end date of shedule (From date - To date)
put a tick in the check box with days , to mark needed flight day(s)
Schedule will be shown on-line by default , but you can remove a tick from check box
 and schedule will not be shown on the site.

 To create schedule and save changes press button  
  , after that the confirmation window will appear
, press yes to confirm theschedule creation 


Your flight Sheduled on selected periodExamle:Flight â„– 1201005 will make  schedule flights every Tuesday and Friday from 02/02/2012 till 20/03/2012 at 10:00You can delete schedule from the schedule list go to the Flights section and choose tab schedule

it will open the list with schedule

From this list, by double click the list of flights fro each schedule can be opened 

To modify Status, Flight No or timing of waypoints, open any flight, edit data and press. 


Flight will be updated 

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