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How to create Rate Sheet

How to create it

To create New Rate Sheet go to:


 When in Rate Sheet page click on “+ New” button.

 The ‘New rate sheet’ pop-up will open.

How to set it up

1. To set up a new rate sheet, firstly fill the fields: Company (Airline Stock), Office, choose Export/Import type, Name, Number, Buy/Sell (buy will be used for Expenses, sell – for Revenues), Supplier, available Dates (From, To), Currency, Unit, Charge type and Freight collect tick if needed. You can also enter the notes.

   2. To continue click on the ‘Add sheet’ button. Other fields will become available.

   3. Add Origins, Commodities, Customer groups, Customers, Flight types and Surcharges by choosing the value needed in the fields and clicking the ‘Add’ button. 

   4. To add Destinations with its Rates depending on weights, click on the ‘Add destination’ button, then add weight by clicking on the ‘Add weight’ button and fill the fields that appear.

In addition, you can add the Min Charge.


Destination will not be saved until at least one weight not added!

 For example we entered two rates for KBP or LWO (as Origins) to ODS (Destination) for weights:

1. 0 to 9 kg – 1 USD

2. >10 kg – 0.75 USD

Also we can set up the Min charge, deck (Lower or Main) and rate type:

Rate type selector shows TARIFF or PMC and AKE rate types depending on the rate sheet unit selected:

-          If KG/LBS selected – TARIFF rate type will be available

-          If qty selected – PMC and AKE rate types will be available



For bulk price change enter the value needed into the Markup field, then choose bulk or % and press ‘Update sheet’ button on the top of the pop-up. 

  - If ‘bulk’ is chosen, the entered value will be added to all prices



  - If ‘%’ is chosen, all the prices will be raised for the entered percent



To substract same value from all the rates use the negative value:



How to clone it


If we need to create the Rate Sheet for ODS and ZTR from the rate we created before but with every rate less on 50 cents, we can do that in four steps:

1. Clone the existing rate

2. Enter ‘-0.5’ into the ‘Markup’ field

3. Change rate sheet name

4. Save new Rate Sheet

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