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How to create Fuel Rates (General + Customer)


Fuel Rates

Fuel rates are accessed from “Main menu”->”Rates”->”Fuel Rates”.

On this tab you see all rates without specific Customer assigned for chosen period 

To open and edit the rate, choose them in the list double click to open. To create new press NEW button 

New rate interface 

Fill in the necessary data 

- choose supplier from the list 


-  type ICAO/IATA code to choose the airport for which this rate will be applied 


- Choose the type of fuel to be used 


- Quotation date 


- Validity of rate 


- Measure unit 


- Office, which users will see and use this rate 


- Currency 


- Rate per Measure unit  


- Quotation number received 


- General notes 


- The supplier who will actually provide the fueling 


- Fees 


- Minimum quantity to be charged 


- Quantity of days for fuel rate validity. Can be calculated automatically after inserting TO date, or TO date will be calculated after inserting data to this field. Both ways are possible 


- Internal and external notes for rate 


- Customer for the rate.


If the Customer is chosen, rate will be seen in Customer’s fuel rates, not in the general list.

Press Add/Update Rate after all is filled in. 


NB Customer’s rates  

For each Customer Fuel margin can be set. Open Customer > Summary tab  (or Accounting tab – depends on individual set up for each installation) 


For Customers with All in Fuel rate, it will be shown altogether in the service
, if Basic – will be shown separately  
(Here you see General rate = 3, Customer’s margin = 200, Fees = 60)

Customers rates tab

The list of all existing rates for the selected period will be shown.

In Green – is shown Customer’s rate (the rate where you have chosen this Customer). In Black General rate + Customer’s margin. 

After Flight Creation, choose waypoint and Add Service

If the rate corresponds to the following data in the flight, it will be picked up automatically:

-       Dates

-       Airport

-       Fuel type

-       Customer with fuel margin inserted

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