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Fuel Tickets

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This interface allows you to create the fuel ticket and to fill in all the necessary information about it. There you can assign suppliers and note the quantity of fuel in USG, TON, LTR, connect the ticket to a flight or service, upload a screenshot and check the information in the flight report.

List description

  • ID – the unique number of fuel ticket
  • Company – the name of the company
  • F/T No. – the number of fuel ticket
  • Fuel Date – the date of the fuel ticket
  • Supplier – the organization of fuel supply
  • Airport – the ICAO code of the airport
  • ACType – the model of the aircraft
  • Reg. No – the registration number of the aircraft
  • Unit – the unit of measure
  • USG – the quantity in US Gallon
  • TON – the quantity in TonLTR – the quantity in Liter


Sorting and filtering

  • There is an opportunity to make the filtration by the Reg No, Airport, ACType and Supplier fields. Click the Filters button to start

  • In the header of the page, you can sort the fuel tickets by the period, Office and Ticket No.


The internal page

Select any fuel ticket using the double click.

The elements of the interior interface

  • Selectors: Company, Ticket type, AC type, Airport, Terminal, Reg. No. 
  • Input fields: F/T Number, Fuel vendor, US Gallon QTY, Conv. rate, Tonn Qty/Kg Qty, Antifreeze liquid, Liter Qty, LBS Qty and Other Reg. No  
  • The F/T Date calendar


  • Pay attention that the F/T Number and Fuel Vendor fields are required.

  • You have an opportunity to connect the fuel ticket to a flight or service. Select the necessary variant

    • Select the flight or service in the sidebar using the link button

    • Confirm the connection by clicking on the button

    • In the case of the successful connection, you will see the number of flight/service

    • In case you need to Unlink the flight or service, click the Unlink Flight button and confirm the action

    • In case there is no rate for the vendor that was selected in the “Fuel vendor” field, the error message will be displayed at the screen. In this case the service will not be connected to the fuel ticket

    • A similar message is shown in case you want to connect the flight. You have an opportunity to agree with this connection or deny it. The rate will be set as 1 in case the vendor has no rate and you confirm the action.

  • There is an opportunity to see information about refuel and difference in the flight report, click the Check Flight report button

  • Steps to make the same fuel ticket

    • Click the Save as New button
    • Change the information in the F/T Number field
    • Click the ADD F/Ticket button
  • In the header of the page, you can find information about the fuel rate


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