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Fuel Suppliers

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This interface helps you to see the full list of fuel suppliers and the main information about them.

With the help of filters, you can find the necessary entry quicker.

The reports help to export the information in a more convenient view to conduct the necessary analysis.

Also, you can see the deleted fuel suppliers and to display the last added on the top.

List description

  • ID – the unique ID of fuel suppliers
  • Company – the name of the company
  • Company Reg. Name – the registered company name
  • Status – the fuel suppliers condition 
  • Compliance – the additional field with notes about compliance
  • P.M. – the code of the broker
  • Credit, D – the amount of credit days
  • Credit, A – the credit amount 
  • Cur – the default currency
  • Office – the fuel suppliers company
  • CODE – the code for accounting purposes
  • Country – the fuel suppliers location country 
  • City – the fuel suppliers city
  • E-mail – the fuel suppliers e-mail
  • Phone – the fuel suppliers phone
  • Created –  the date when the fuel suppliers card was created
  • External ID – the slx id
  • Payment method – the type of payment


How to create/delete fuel suppliers

  • Use buttons to create/delete fuel suppliers
  • The
    button to create fuel suppliers
  • The
    button to delete fuel suppliers

Sorting and filtering

  • Click the Filters button and select the necessary field to make the filtration

You have an opportunity to make the filtration by:

    • Status, Office, Types, By Company/Category, Country, State, Services, Categories, Types selectors
    • New on top and Deleted checkboxes
    • By the first letter of fuel suppliers
    • Tick the Deleted checkbox to see the deleted fuel suppliers
    • Tick the New on top button to display the last added fuel suppliers on the top of the list


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