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Flight Types

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The interface allows you to customize the flight types according to your preferences.

You have opportunities to view the list of previously created entries, edit them or add new items

Main functionality 

  1. Editor - the set of buttons and fields, which helps you to add new items, edit and delete existing entries
  2. Search - allows you to filter data by type, name, category
  3. The table of existing items contains the following columns:
    • Type - flight type
    • Name - may be a more detailed description of flight type
    • Category - flight category


  • To create a new flight type, please click the +New button in the Editor. Fill in the data.

            The "Type" and the "Name" fields are obligatory.

            Select the appropriate option in the drop-down list “Category”(obligatory)

            Type for fuel cost is "Commercial" by default, but you can change it to  "Private"


  • To edit an entry, please select the item from the list, make changes and press the Save button. The data will be updated
  • To delete an existing flight type, please select any from the list. The data will display in the editor, and the Delete button will appear, click Delete



Using of Flight types in the system:

  • Flight type is selected in a special drop-down list when creating a flight 
  • The flight type can be changed for a previously created flight depending on flight status.

For example, the flight type cannot be changed for a flight with status “Active” 


  • There are no permissions on the Flight Type page
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