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Flight/Truck Trips Database

Flights/Truck Trips Database

FLIGHTS>FLIGHTS>Flights Database

CARGO>TRUCK TRIPS>Truck Trips Database

Flights database is a menu that allows you to view the list of existing flights in the system and create new flight.

To search results by selected filters click on button

To clean all filters and search results click on button “Clean filters”

To create new Flight click on button

To delete selected flight click on button

Control panel allows to filter and search flights by:

  • Day


  • Month and year

  • Status

  • Flight types

     you can also use the “quick search” to find the flight type needed

  • Week Days

  • Selected dates

  • Certain period

  • departure date flight/date of flight creation

To get flights with first waypoint date within search period tick the checkbox:

To get no scheduled flights tick the checkbox

To print report (Schedule, Aircraft report, Pilots Report or Expenses Report) click on button

and select necessary report.

In Flights database menu you can open Flight Expenses or Flight Report page by selected flight

Extended search

To find flight by certain parameter use Extended search pop-up and “Search” button:

  • Flight ID

  • ID

  • Reg. No

  • Reg. No Bulk

  • Route

  • Call sign

  • Captain - only persons on the captain's position

  • Crew - all crew personal except the captain

  • Office - displayed by access rights

  • Team

  • Operator

  • Supplier

  • Client Reference - displayed by access rights

  • Service no

  • Flt. Customer - only flight customers

  • Customer - all customers connected with flight

  • AC Type

  • Report No - from Flight Report

  • Brokers - all brokers connected with flight

  • Flt. Brokers - only flight brokers

  • AWB - AWB No assigned to the flight

  • Order by Flight ID - checkbox for sorting flights by Flight ID

  • Follow/unFollow buttons - for selected

  • No attachments - tick checkbox to get flights without attachments

  • Revenue/Expenses - displayed by access rights


to set “notify for accounts”(revenue or expenses) for selected flights


to close all revenues or expenses on selected flights

Filter by statuses of revenue and expenses (Any, None, Notified or Closed)

  • To filter flights by expenses (allocated, not allocated, price is not confirmed, ready to be invoiced and invoiced flights)

  • Type and Charter Type - displayed by access rights

  • Not follow - flights with tick checkbox “No follow”

  • Show on site - flights that are displayed on

  • Deleted - flights were deleted from the system

  • Cargo - flights with cargo

*Pay attention! You can see only cargo flights by default if you have such access rights.

  • Closed - completed flights

  • Crew checked - crew confirmed on flight

Flights list

  • Status - flight status

  • Report No - from Flight Report. Displayed by access rights

  • Closed -

    if the flight is completed

  • Flight ID - from flight

  • Date - planned departure date and time from first waypoint

  • Next departure date

  • Reg. No - from flight

  • Type - aircraft type from flight

  • Office - from flight

  • Flight No - call sign (Flight No) from each waypoint in flight

  • Route - all waypoints

  • Crew checked -

    if crew confirmed on flight

  • Customers - all customers connected with flight

  • Type - flight category (Commj – commercial aircraft types, Cargo – cargo aircraft types, VIP – small private jets and helicopters)

  • CPT - only captains assigned to flight. Displayed by access rights

  • Crew - If flight has crew assigned, crew shown here in format: <3-letter crew code>- (<3-letter crew position>), for example AAA-(CPT). Displayed by access rights

  • Team - shows team color. Displayed by access rights

  • F.P. - Available payload at first waypoint. Depends from Available payload and Chargeable weight on flight. Displayed by access rights

  • F.V. - Available volume at first waypoint. Depends from Available CBM on flight and Volume (from Cargo). Displayed by access rights

  • Wp.load - Sum of loads in all flights' waypoints. Displayed by access rights

  • Ch.Cargo - Total Flight AWB's Chargeable Weight. Displayed by access rights

  • Cargo - Total Flight AWB's Weight. Value in "Cargo" column is highlighted when cargo entered in flight report. Displayed by access rights

  • Fly T - Fly Hours from Flight Report. Displayed by access rights

  • BLCK -  Block Hours from Flight Report. Displayed by access rights

  • Invoice -

    if ready to be invoiced,
    if invoiced

  • AWB -

    number of invoiced AWB/total AWB on flight

  • REV -

    if flight revenue closed

  • EXP -

    if flight expenses closed

  • Allocated expenses mark -

    if expenses linked with job

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